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Back At The Starting Line

We started out the only way we knew 

Thought we knew the rules 

We thought no one could bother me and you 

But we’d been fooled 


Time and time we thought that things would change 

But we’ve been here before 

I know that we’re OK right where we are 

But I want more 


And babe, I’m tired of crying 

And you and me’ve been trying 

It seems like one more time 

We’re back at the starting line 

Back at the starting line 


The road just seems so smooth for everyone 

But we take our sweet time 

We know we made a vow when we begun 

This uphill climb 


We’re not doing anything all wrong

And you can’t take the blame 

And baby, we’ve been good for far too long 

To lose this game 

And though it ain’t easy 

To start anew 

We pick up the pieces 

‘Cause giving up ain’t easy 

And quitters don’t deserve someone like you 


And even if I’m crying 

You and me keep trying 

Don’t care if one more time 

We’re back at the starting line   

Back at the starting line

I'm Not Holding It Together Anymore

People disappoint you everyday 

But we should always listen what they have to say 

Love your neighbor as you love yourself 

Everybody needs a little help 

But I’m too tired to give it all today 


Cause I’m not holding it together anymore 

Gonna let it fall to pieces on the floor 

(Now) I’ve been strong, but I’m done smiling every step of the way 

So I’m not holding it together anymore. 


I've always seen the sun shine through the clouds 

And all the friendly faces in the crowd 

I go high when they go low 

But I get tired taking blow after blow 

Standing strong and trying to make them proud 

I can’t run and I can’t hide 

I can’t keep it all inside 

I can’t leave it all behind and close the door (3 . 5 .6 321) 

But I’m not holding it together 

I don’t see things getting better 

I’m not holding it together anymore

Live A Little More

Every day is colder than the last 

The streets are empty, but my mind is filled 

Every night is growing darker fast 

Why does the world keep turning, while I'm standing still 


For too long I've waited for a sign 

Someone to tell me things will be alright 

All this time I've waited to be fine 

I need to hear that I can stop the fight 


That I don't have to worry 

Don't apologize 

Stop if I like to 

Just open my eyes 

And laugh a little louder 

Dance like before 

Hold a little tighter 

Live a little more 

Oh, hold a little tighter 

Live a little more 


Sometimes we forget that we're alive 

Only the brightest know it all along 

Time will come when fortune's on our side 

We will survive, and we will come out strong 


We all want so much 

We all run too far 

We forget it's all we got 

Last Goodbye

On a bright, bright morning 

You came to me as a surprise 

You were radiant as ever 

Your lips were red, your smile was wide 


You held me close for just a moment 

Or was it eternity 

I hoped that I could hold you tighter 

But you let go and looked at me 


With the brightest eyes, the deepest smile 

You held me tight, no reasons why

With the brightest eyes, the deepest smile

A final cry, a last goodbye 


That look was all you needed 

I understood that I was blessed 

You said time was running out soon 

And you had to see the rest 


And you told me to be stronger 

You don't want to see me cryin’ 

And I should always remember 

You came to hug me one more time 


Your shining light 

Your natural glow 

Your devil's laugh 

Your angel soul 

I'm By Your Side

You’ve always found your own way 

Not afraid to lose sight of the plans that you made 

You’re doing fine on your own 

Never needed my guidance, a hand to hold on 


But when no one can bring back what’s lost 

And nothing is quite worth the cost  

When it’s three in the morning and there’s nowhere to hide 

And all of your tears have been cried 

I’m by your side 


You told me once, “Life is good” 

Didn’t mean much to me then, but I knew it should 

You taught me how to be strong 

Never said it was easy to always move on 


When you’re all alone 

And everything’s fallen apart 

Who will pick up the pieces of your broken heart? 

Kick Me When I'm Down

If you’re gonna kick me, kick me when I'm down 

Not when I'm crawling up again and barely off the ground 

Not when I start to see the light 

And my dreams are back in sight 

If you really gotta kick me, kick me when I'm down 


It's a bright sunny morning, it's a shiny new day 

I thought I left my worries and walked the other way 

But all my plans unravel, a storm has hit the town 

Right when I was up again, you turn me back around 


I read it in the papers, good news is on the way 

For the first time in ages, my luck seems here to stay 

I open up the shutters and I sing a song out loud 

But when I look the other way, I see the thundercloud 

Fast Forward

As I sit here alone in the moonlight 

Counting the days that go by 

I remember when we used to ramble 

Down the byways with you by my side 


Now I’m counting the days till it all goes away  

Till then I live in the past  

But I’m tryin’ to move on, got to be strong 

I don’t know how long this will last 


Oh, fast forward 

Send me to where I want to be 

Fast forward 

It’s onward and upwards for me 


Hold my hand in the sand in Miami 

Dance till the night turns to day 

And we’ll laugh and we’ll drink to forever 

And make love while the stars look away 


But I pause and rewind the thoughts in my mind 

Sending me back to today 

I awake and it seems it’s all just a dream 

Oh, how I wish I could stay 

Never Settle Down

Every day I awake 

Not yet knowing the roads that I will take 

I won’t be bound by some plans for me 

Only longing to be fully free 


I’ll go miles and miles 

Nowhere to be, just out into the wild 

Sometimes I long for some loneliness 

Only knowing that it’s you I’d miss 


I’ll always long for the open road 

Oh, but I’ve let you in, guess I’ve got room for two 

I know I’ll take the long way, always look for something new 

Oh, I’ll never settle down except with you 


Hold me close as you can 

Tell me you’ll stay here and be my man 

I’ve wandered far and wide and found the new 

But I’ll always find my way to you 


I felt so free until you came into my life 

I felt so free before 

But now I’ve seen the sparkle in your eyes 

I wouldn’t trade it for the colors in the world 

Hey, How Are You?

Hey, how are you on the other side 

Do you give a hug to everyone you meet? 

Are you always in the sunshine? 

Out by the ocean with the sand beneath your feet? 


Hey girlfriend, what are you up to? 

Tell me, are we missing out on all the fun? 

Are you smiling with your eyes closed? 

Do you dance under the stars with everyone? 


And I'm doing fine 

But it's not the same without you anyway 

And I'm trying 

To make it count, ‘cause we still miss you every day 


I wonder what would make you happy 

Put on your favorite music just the other day 

We danced until the tears were running 

And then we laughed and said we'd always be this way 


And though I don't believe in heaven 

I know you'd be the first to try 

You'd say heaven's where there's palm trees 

And a sun up in the sky 

Don't Have More To Give

It was the spring of fifty-seven 

We were married just that Fall 

I’d just realized that Heaven 

Was a pipe dream after all 

So we left for Mississippi  

And I left the Lord behind 

And I thought it would fulfill me 

Working hard against the tide 


So let me be 

Let me go out on my own 

Set me free 

No need to follow down this road 

Can’t you see 

My mistakes are mine to live 

And I don’t have more to give 

Inside of me 


You were prettier than sunlight 

People took me for a star 

Love, we thought, would make it all right 

It wouldn’t matter where we are 

But the cracks under the surface 

Were too quickly too appear 

You were vain and I was worthless 

You couldn’t longer have me near 


More often than I can remember 

I’ve been saved against myself 

When nothing’s left but dying ember 

I still can’t follow someone else 

So against all that life’s taught me 

Here I pack my bags again 

I abandon those who love me 

And I journey towards the end 

Having My Cake (And Eating It Too)

Well, I tried to be a patient gal 

Just waiting for my turn 

Better take it step by step, they say 

But suddenly I figured out 

That they had much to learn 

And life’s too short to hold back, anyway 


I’d rather play with the bees without getting stung 

Sing a classic song that’s never been sung 

Go all around town without losing you 

I’d rather sleep till noon and see the break of dawn 

Stay forever and be long gone 

So I’m having my cake and I’m eating it too 


They say I can’t have both 

That I’m cheating at the game 

But I make up the rules 

So I can break ‘em just the same 


I don’t know what we’re playing, but I always win 

I like my ice cream, and I’m still thin 

So I’m having my cake and I’m eating it too 


I'll settle down but you can't fence me in 

I'll carry my load and keep wearin’ my grin 

So I’m having my cake and I’m eating it, too 

Don't You

They say don’t peak too soon 

Don’t reach farther than the moon 

Don’t bite off more than you can chew,  

Don’t you 

Don’t you, don’t you 


They say don’t look into the sun 

Don’t fall fort he wrong one 

Don’t walk faster than you  

Can run 


But can’t you see they’re all lying? 

Follow every desire 

Can you push the limit? Break the ceiling?  

Swim upstream? 

Chase the dream, chase the dream 


So baby, don’t wait until your turn 

Don’t be afraid to crash and burn 

Don’t think anyone can tell you what to do 


And darling, don’t stop once you pick up speed 

Don’t look back once you’re in the lead 

And never, never, never hide what’s true 


So can you reach any higher? 

Follow every desire… 


Oh, the world might seem to small to fit those dreams 

You know, all you have to do is split the seams 

And there may be times you tell yourself they’re right 

But you always got yourself to win the fight 

Our Days Are Heaven Sent

Our days are heaven sent, you see 

We’re just a speck on the dark of the sky 

And if your light went out too soon 

You shine the brightest, like the moon 

You shine the brightest, like the moon 


It seems like yesterday to me 

It can all be gone in the blink of an eye 

It takes time for us to see 

That this is all that we can be 

This is all that we can be 


The wheels of time keep rolling by 

Another day is gone on the wind 

And every evening I recall 

This ain’t too bad a place at all 

This ain’t too bad a place at all 


Your dreams were writing in the sand 

They washed away with the pull of the tide 

And if they’re not all meant to be 

I will hold them eternally 

I will hold them eternally 

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